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Eagle Fence Company is the answer to your security needs. Customers tell us that our commitment and knowledge are on a wholly different level than our “competitors.”

Eagle Fence Company, conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA, has helped architects and engineers design fencing security and access controls for military bases, prisons and industrial sites. We were one of six fence contractors in the world on the American Society of Testing Materials’ Fencing Committee, which set standards for fencing used on essentially every major fencing project in the world. We have advised liability attorneys about fencing or the absence of fencing, and insurance companies about values of fencing.

Other companies’ salespeople will sell you a fence, but only our company provides innovative, site-specific solutions to security problems. Our superior technical and materials-science knowledge results in fences, gates and access systems with much greater service life and better performance and security. Amazingly, our prices can be very competitive, even though what we are providing is much higher quality and value.

Incidentally—our fences can be pretty. In a design competition of students at Moore School of Art and a professional designer, our design of an ornamental fence with pre-cast exposed-aggregate concrete posts was chosen as the winner, receiving a national award. Even on our chain link fences, “rust is not a ‘must’” and, due to superior materials, they remain neat and clean for many decades, unlike the typical rusty fences that despoil properties.

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