Fencing Solutions


  • Where are you located?

    Our main office is located in Northeast Philadelphia (near the Nabisco factory if you are familiar with the Great Northeast)

  • What region do you cover?

    Our primary region is approximately 100 miles surrounding Philadelphia, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.  We travel even further for larger jobs.

  • Are you union or non-union.

    We can install either type of job.   We are fortunate to have a good relationship with local union labor, and can provide union labor when required.

  • Can I have my fence installed in winter?

    Yes.  Our machines dig through concrete, asphalt, and even snow or frozen ground.  The only obstacle in winter is getting to your location if roads are snow or ice covered.

  • How quickly can I get an estimate for my new fence?

    There are two time consuming items in developing a quote.  Developing the specifications and obtaining quotes for non-standard materials.  Once we have the specifications and quotes for non-standard materials, we can provide a quote within 24 hours.

  • What is the difference between galvanized and aluminized chain link fence?

    We recommend using aluminized chain link fence.  Although galvanized chain link fence is shinier when installed, it will begin to show signs of rust within 3-5 years.  An aluminized chain link fence generally will not show signs of rust for at least 15 years.