Fencing Solutions


Eagle Fence Company, located in Philadelphia, PA, is a security specialist in outdoor, perimeter and access control as well as liability reduction and internal security. Our experience has been developed from more than 30 years of interaction with the engineers, security chiefs, plant supervisors and CEO’s of thousands of businesses and institutions. Many medium and large corporations such as Mobil Research, Exxon, Hess, B.P., PGW, AT&T, Conrail, Parkway Corporation, Temple University and more can be counted among our clients. Eagle Fence was one of only 6 fence contractors in the world with voting privileges on the American Society of Testing Materials.

Customers tell us that our commitment and knowledge are on a wholly different level than our “competitors”. Our motorized gates and access controls are backed by single source reliability and the country’s top expertise. We can provide full system capability with fences, concrete work, piers, cameras and associated items.

Whatever we know, we’ve learned from interacting with customers and clients and their real needs for security. Because of having a wide perspective gained from having been in thousands of situations, we can often spot security gaps that are systematically overlooked. Also, generally, security and alarm companies are insufficiently focused on perimeter, and fence companies are insufficiently focused on security design, thereby creating a critical overall security gap.

Eagle Fence Co., is in its 30th year of industrial/ commercial/ institutional work. We are a loyal subcontractor to many top general contractors, performing union, non-union, prevailing wage and open shop work.

We can be bonded up to 3/4 million dollar jobs. We are also capable of economically performing little jobs down to five hundred dollars.

We do chain link, ornamental tubular steel and aluminum fence, motorized gates and access controls, wood fence, pvc fence and temporary site fencing.

We work in a one hundred mile radius of Philadelphia.

Our work is also available supervised through an associate of ours who is certified as a MBE and WBE.

Prompt estimates and prompt reliable work are a hallmark of our company. Because the company president was a voting member of ASTM’s Fencing Committee, and possesses superior product design knowledge, we can assist in developing specifications for projects and in value-engineering to reduce costs, with high confidence by architects.

For installation and repairs we cover an approximate 100 mile radius of Philadelphia, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.